Utility Scale Solar Cogeneration
Capture More Sun

Standard PV panels capture approximately 15% of the sun’s energy, while the remaining 85% of the sun’s energy is S converted to waste heat. Solar thermal alone does not yield any direct electricity, which typically has greater financial value per unit of energy (e.g. kWh) than hot water. Quadra Solar cogeneration utilizes over 30% of the sun’s energy to produce electricity and also captures 50% of the waste heat, which results in 80% overall efficiency of the system.

Conventional steam turbine power plants burn fuel to generate steam to drive turbines and then generate electricity. The solar electric energy  generated with Quadra Solar cogeneration technology is fed directly to the grid, while the solar thermal energy is supplied to the conventional steam turbine power plant to generate steam, reducing the amount of fossil fuel used by up to 50%.

A typical 100MW conventional steam turbine power plant coupled with a 100MW Quadra Solar cogeneration solar power plant will provide the following:

  • Peak Demand: the combined power plant can operate at a maximum of 200MWh, with 100MW generated from the solar power plant and the other 100MW from the conventional power plant. The 150MW of solar thermal energy will be fed to the conventional power plant reducing the fuel consumption by over 50%. If the demand drops the conventional power plant output is reduced and the solar thermal energy is stored for night use.
  • Off Peak Demand: the combined power plant can operate at a maximum of 100MWh, with the conventional power plant powered using fossil fuel and the excess solar thermal energy captured and stored by Quadra Solar cogeneration system.

50kW Ground Mount Cogeneration Systems

                                                      Simulated View
  • Utility Scale: 50 kW PV + 75kW Thermal
  • Cogeneration of PV & Thermal
  • 80% Combine Efficiency: 30% PV & 50% Thermal
  • Modular Design - customizable by the number of cogen panels
  • Proprietary optics with 2.6° Acceptance Angle
  • Superior dual-axis tracker
    • >0.1° Accuracy
    • 89° Elevation Range
    • 360° Azimuth Range
    • 5 points of load distribution
    • Max wind speed of 40 m/s (144 km/h) in stow position
QPT50K-55-66-0820 UNIT SPECS
# Cogen Solar Panel Rows 8  
# Cogen Solar Panel Columns 20  
# Cogeneration Solar Panels 160  
Max Peak PV Power (DC) 54,014.40 watts
Max Peak PV Power (AC) 52,934.11 watts
Max Peak Thermal Power 83,635.20 watts
Max Peak Thermal Power 285,363.30 Btu
Combined Max Peak Power 137,649.60 watts
Unit Length (m) 8.39 m
Unit Width (m) 20.97 m
Area (m²) 175.91
Unit Length (ft) 27.52 ft
Unit Width (ft) 68.80 ft
Area (ft²) 1893.52 ft²