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Solar Cogeneration Technology

Quadra Solar is a solar cogeneration company that combines photovoltaic and thermal energy production to deliver low-cost electricity and heat generation for the utility, commercial and residential markets.

Founded in 2007, Quadra Solar proprietary design combines the proven 30+ year lifetime of space terrestrial PV, combined with concentrating optics and an innovative thermal transfer system to cogenerate electricity AND solar thermal energy in an integrated hybrid receiver.

Standard PV panels capture approximately 15% of the sun’s energy, while the remaining 85% of the sun’s energy is converted to waste heat. Solar thermal alone does not yield any electricity, which typically has greater financial value per unit of energy (e.g. kWh) than hot water. Quadra Solar cogeneration utilizes over 30% of the sun’s energy to produce electricity AND also captures 50% in thermal energy, which results in an 80% overall efficiency of the system. .. read more

Solar Power Projects

Quadra Power, a subsidiary of Quadra Solar, is a specialized renewable energy company whose key focus area is solar project development: including the financing, marketing and construction of PV plants, both “on” and “off grid.”
The company‘s core competence evolved with the PV Industry, and since 2011 we have been active in the development of both small and large scale installations across Ontario, Canada. We are currently pursuing opportunities in MENA, Africa and Asia.
Quadra Power retains a strong procurement and supply chain partner expertise. We have excellent relationships with leading clean technology manufacturers and financiers, enabling it to realize the many aspects of energy efficiency across a spectrum of technologies. The group, and its partners, have a strong track record of completed projects. .. read more