Quadra Solar Cogeneration Technology
Capture More Sun

We are developing Concentrated Photovoltaic and Thermal (CPVT) systems for both the utility scale and the flat rooftop markets.

Quadra Solar proprietary designs combines the proven 30+ year lifetime of space terrestrial PV, combined with concentrating optics and an innovative thermal transfer system to cogenerate electricity and solar thermal energy in an integrated hybrid receiver.

Standard PV panels capture approximately 15% of the sun’s energy, while the remaining 85% of the sun’s energy is converted to waste heat. Solar thermal alone does not yield any electricity, which typically has greater financial value per unit of energy (e.g. kWh) than hot water.

Quadra Solar cogeneration utilizes over 30% of the sun’s energy to produce electricity AND also captures up to 50% of the waste heat (used to heat water), which results in 80% overall efficiency of the system.

The following are some of the benefits of Quadra Solar cogeneration technology:
         ► Dual Energy System: demonstrated PV and Thermal efficiencies of 30% and 50% respectively.
         ► Multi-Usage System: Power, Heating and Cooling for both summer and winter use.
         ► Lowest kWh Cost in high DNI locations.
         ► Patented Micro-Tracking technology for flat and slanted rooftops.



PV panels degrade significantly in terms of efficiency and product life in extreme hot climate (over 45 C°). This leads to increased kWh cost.

Quadra Solar active cooling technology maintains the cell at a fixed temperature, thus producing the same high efficiency under all conditions. 

In general, Quadra Solar cogeneration technology offers the lowest combined kWh cost in high direct normal irradiation (DNI) locations.