Why Invest in Quadra Solar?

Cogeneration Technology

Quadra Solar is a leading developer of next generation solar cogeneration systems. The demand for solar-generated power in hot climates is largely untapped due to the unavailability of suitable solutions due to the weather conditions and the failure of traditional solar panel technologies.

The Quadra Solar cogeneration technology delivers combined energy at or below grid pricing. This technology will accelerate the market adoption of solar energy as a clean and green solution to the growing demand for electricity at a cost comparable to grid pricing. We  make solar electricity an attractive and affordable option for both utility scale and distributed generation customers.

Renewable Energy Power Plants

Quadra Solar delivers, to long-term owners and investors, commercial and utility scale renewable energy power plants with required market yields and recurring income. Our experienced team develops projects with financial structures that mitigate risk and provide high yield requirements for long-term owners/investors.

With financial, technical and renewable energy project management experience, we know what works and where the risks are. We have a proven approach to mitigate the risks of long-term asset management that includes:
  • Technology review at early stages to confirm reliability of systems components and design
  • Analysis of proposed project energy production taking in consideration location and technology
  • Financial modeling analysis
  • Assist in the financial structure of equity, debt and tax equity (if needed) for high yield returns.
  • Proven, bankable, tier one technologies
  • Investment-rated Power Off-takers
  • Top Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)
  • Full real estate due diligence
  • Financeable PPAs

To make an investment inquiry, please contact us at 
invest@quadrasolar.com  or at 613.454.8020 x224.